I did a lot of physical work over the weekend.  I used a hand-saw on Saturday to clean up tree limbs.  A friend came over on Sunday with a chainsaw, and I carried heavier limbs.  I also took my bike for a short errand ride to the post office and grocery store.

Last night, I cleaned Nermal’s drivetrain.  I took it as far as removing the chain, and soaking it in a degreaser.  I didn’t have a spare pin for the chain, so I just re-used the old one.  It seems to make a stiff link, so I’ll probably have to replace the chain soon.  Oh well, live and learn.

I was still pretty sore from the weekend this morning, and I don’t fully trust the chain on Nermal now, so I drove to Jeffersonville, and rode the rest of the way to work.

On the ride back to my car, I broke a spoke on my rear wheel.  The chain is still working fine though.

It’s been a long time since I broke a spoke.  That bike has had problems with that in the past, but I replaced the rear wheel, and that solved it, until now.

I’m pretty tight financially right now, so I can’t fix the bike.  To ride the other bike to work means riding the entire distance, and there is snow in the forecast, so I might be done riding for the week.

All of this just made me angry.  Then I get home, start browsing, and find this:

I had heard about this a few days ago, and forgot about it.  I read this today, then read the reader comments.  Now I am angry that I am part of the human race.  Luckily, most of these people that talk shit would never do anything stupid, but there are just enough that will to piss me off.

Feeling this way makes me want to overeat.  I think I’ll sleep instead.

9 thoughts on “Drained”

  1. If the pin is fully seated, try bending the chain on the wrong axis a few times. That will loosen a stiff link most of the time. If the pin is not fully seated, use the second step of the chain tool to push it just a tiny bit to free it.

  2. OH, and don’t sweat the comments section too much. Articles on cycling ALWAYS draw out the loonies with their virulent ranting about how they feel motorists own the whole road (and the sidewalks, for that matter).

  3. Tom,

    The pin is fully seated, so I’ll give your idea a try. Do you recommend buying a chain with the master link for future use?

    I’m going to take my bike into Clarksville Schwinn to get the wheel repaired. My pessimistic side made me think I couldn’t afford it last night. I feel better today.

    I SHOULD have learned my lesson a long time ago about reader comments on news stories. I usually avoid them now, but had to dig in and read all 10 pages last night. It was like watching a train wreck. Stupidity piling on top of stupidity.

    I didn’t overeat last night, I went to bed right after posting, so at least one thing went well. 🙂

  4. On chain repairs, I recommend reading the Park Tools site for good information. Your chain tool likely has the tabs needed to do the trick.

    You can learn to replace the spoke, too. It’s not rocket science–heck, even I can do it.

  5. Head up, Dave. Instead of eating try doing push-ups until you can’t. And it WILL eventually melt, FWIW.

  6. Tom,

    I’ve got my bike back. The wheel looks good. I went around the chain trying to find the stiff link, but apparently, it has worked itself loose.

    While I was picking up my bike, I asked for more chain lube (running low). I was surprised with what he grabbed. It’s Tri-Flow in a spray can. Isn’t that pretty much like using WD-40? Is it really okay to use this?

    I had been using Finish Line Pro Road, which is thicker, and almost a white color.

    I just want a basic, cheap, good chain lube, I don’t think either of these qualify. What do you use?

    The broken spoke was on the drive side of the rear wheel. I don’t have the tools to pull the cogs off. I may have to look into that someday.

    I’ve also got some strange noise coming from the rear hub now. I’m really good at tearing up wheels. 🙂


    I am feeling better today. Yesterday was fine until I left work. Go figure, I enjoyed work, but not afterward.

    I *really* need this crap to melt though. I have a ton of ideas for rides this year, but I prefer the long rides to be in good weather.

  7. I have two preferred chain lubricants:
    There is the one I use on the Vanguard (mostly because it was a favorite when I installed that chain and I haven’t had reason to replace the chain and I don’t want to change brands until I replace the chain), Finish Line KryTech (probably about the same as their Pro Road).

    I also use this on the Raleigh. I should probably come up with one that does better in wet weather, but it’s easy enough to throw some lube on after the bike gets wet.

    On the Bacchetta, I’ve used ProLink from day one. I’ve ridden this bike enough to replace the chain once, and probably will again before the fast riding season gets too far along.

    My best advice on lubricants is to pick one that suits your way of riding and maintaining your bike, and use it as directed. Ten different mechanics will offer at least twelve different favorite lubes.

    Tri-Flow is a great cable and pivot point lube. Some guys like using it for chains, but those guys also tend to clean their chains very often, anyway.

    I should probably look at that wheel some time in the not too distant future.

  8. I’ve used a few different brands of chain lube over the years. My favorite so far for NE riding (wet/dry climate) has been Progold ProLink chain lube. http://www.progoldmfr.com/products/prolink.html I probably clean and lube my chain more than the average person, but it’s worked great for me so far. You can use it for cables and it’s pretty cheap too. Hope you get your wheel fixed soon. I broke a spoke last summer. It’s a pain.

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