I’m a Creature of Habit

I have electricity again.  It could be a few more days before everyone affected by the ice storm has power and I feel for those that don’t have power yet.

The disruption to my routine has really thrown off my daily weight-loss related activities.  I haven’t weighed since Tuesday.  I haven’t tracked my calories since Wednesday.  Riding a bike is almost out of the question.

Now that I’m home from work, and my power is on, I just ate some stuff I had.  I’ll prepare a grocery list and ride my bike to the store tomorrow. Tonight, I clean the house.

My bike mileage for the week will be pitiful.  I imagine that my weight is up a bit.

I have a huge mess in my yard to clean up.  I hope to borrow a chainsaw this weekend, so maybe I’ll get some kind of a workout.  🙂

3 thoughts on “I’m a Creature of Habit”

  1. If you really want an upper body workout, ignore the chain saw and use a bow saw. Quieter, human-powered, no fossil fuel…

    But it won’t go as fast, nor will it deal with the really big stuff. I could probably find you a hand saw made for eight-inch logs, though.

  2. I actually have a saw & not a lot of experience using it, but our yard is filled with branches & I’m goingto have to learn quickly. You are welcome to use it once we’re settled but now isn’t good.

  3. Tom,
    Thanks for the use of the saw. Not only was it effective, but it was good exercise.

    At some point I’ll need a chain saw, but I also know somebody else who will let me borrow one. I still have two full trees laying down in the back yard, but they are not in the way. One of them has been there since the September wind storm. 🙂

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