It Went Dark

It got dark and cold.  The ice storm took my power out at 5:30 a.m.  I spent most of the day trying to clear snow and downed limbs from my driveway.  It’s going to take me a long time to clean up the mess from this storm, but luckily the only damage to my house was part of the gutter.

I cooked dinner on my gas grill, but my house continued to get colder.

Although my laptop has a battery, my cable modem and router do not.  So I didn’t have internet access to keep me occupied.

I took a short bike ride, which was probably a bad idea.  The roads were a mess, and my brakes and derailleur iced up.  I got back home safely, but I have a new respect for those that ride to work in snowy/icy conditions.

I’m staying the night at a friend’s house.  He came and picked me up in his four-wheel drive truck.  The drive would have been dicey in my car.  It’s warm here, and I have internet access.  I’ll be back home in the morning, and will hopefully have power by then.

Due to disruption of my routine, I didn’t weigh-in this morning.  If it’s still cold at my house in the morning, I won’t weigh-in tomorrow either.

I’m not entirely sure what my work plans are for tomorrow.  I went to work on Tuesday, when many others didn’t.  I skipped today, as I was unable to even get my car out of the garage for most of the day, and I’m still not sure I can get it through my neighborhood without getting stuck.

If the roads are passable, but my power is still out, I may go into work just to be warm.  If my power is on, I’ll probably stay home, and catch up on sleeping.  I also desperately need a shower.  🙁

Both Duke Energy here in Indiana, and LG&E in Louisville say it could be this weekend before all power is restored.  I’m seriously beginning to consider an alternate heating source for times like this.

That's unfortunate
That’s unfortunate
Why not take a ride?
Why not take a ride?

4 thoughts on “It Went Dark”

  1. Good luck dave. Were staying @ moms but will return sometimes to check on things. Our street is notorious for longterm outage. I’m pessimistic but hopeful ifthat makes any sense.

  2. I went by my house this morning to take care of the dogs. Still no power. The inside temperature had dropped to 37 degrees.

    My county and the entire state of Kentucky are still in a state of emergency. I was able to get my car out of the driveway.

    I’m spending more time at my friend’s house. I heard on TV that there are still tens of thousands of households without power.

    In the grand scheme of things, this nothing but a minor annoyance, but it certainly is messing with my plans, my routines, and my comfort.

    Take care, and stay warm everyone.

  3. I sing the praise of the “wood stove”!

    It has been a life saver, we always heat with it anyway, now we are also cooking on it.
    Power went out Tuesday 5:31 am.

    Was able to finally get my Ranger out of the drive way this morning. My son called, he thinks the power is back on, (the answering machine at the house is now picking up). We have found after years of backwood life that the answering machine check it a good way to see if you have power back without being there.

    They are talking more snow Monday! I am considering parking in a “safe” place near the main road and riding my bike from the house, but we still have ice!

    Hope you get your power back soon.

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