Winter Storm Warning

There is a winter storm warning in effect.  The snow is supposed to start in earnest tonight.  It did snow some yesterday, and a little overnight.

I wouldn’t have been able to ride my bike the full distance to work due to accumulation on the roads, then pushed unto the shoulder.  I considered a partial commute, but I am attending the Louisville Geek Dinner tonight, and having my car is probably safer.

I will have to watch what I eat and drink, but it should be a good time.

I’m not sure how much riding I’ll get in this week with the snowy weather forecast, but the dogs and I may go for another hike.

3 thoughts on “Winter Storm Warning”

  1. Don’t forget to rush the Kroger store for milk, bread and dog food.

    This weather report brought to you by Kroger.

  2. Good luck with the mileage. I ended up driving to work today to retrieve my bike left there Friday. These are the kinds of times, whether my illness Friday or this weather, that I am in some awe of those folks who completely forsake the car. I don’t know how they do it.

  3. I don’t yet know the updated weather forecast. I just got home from the Geek Dinner. I had too much food, too much beer, and met some great people. I also hung out with a few people I’ve know for a while.

    I didn’t ride at all today, and probably won’t tomorrow either. I’ll check the weather again in the morning to be sure. I’ll ride if it looks safe.

    I know I’ve talked of being car-free in the future, but that would mean being within biking distance, even in bad weather, of work. I dunno. I’ll worry about that later.

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