Beautiful Day

I had felt stupid that I seem to ride on the colder days, and take the nicer days off from riding for various reasons.

I had a “back to basics” moment this morning while preparing to drive to work.  I realized that the goal was to get exercise, not to ride the entire distance.

So, I loaded my bike on the car, drove to within 3.8 miles of work, and rode from there.  The temperature was in the 40s, and with such a short ride, I just wore my work clothes.  I was a little bit sweatier than I intended to get, so maybe a spare shirt is in order for next time.

I saw two other bicycle commuters.  One of which was wearing a reflective vest just like mine.  I wished him a good morning, and he said “nice vest!”.  It certainly was a great morning for a ride.

7 thoughts on “Beautiful Day”

  1. It was, indeed, a great morning for a ride. It will be an even better afternoon, from what the weather folks are telling me.

    Glad you got to ride some this morning.

    I saw another bicycle rider this morning (or more accurately, saw the flashing taillight of one) a quarter or half mile ahead of me on Frankfort Avenue. I didn’t see where that cyclist turned off Frankfort, so I have no idea who it was.

    I met another cyclist yesterday on my way to work, and gave her web addresses for Bicycling for Louisville and Bike Louisville, and suggested she look at the utility bike list server.

  2. I like to keep several days’ worth of clothes at the office, and rotate out what I wear every couple days to keep from having to haul too much at one time.

  3. Both of you have good ideas about spare clothes. I think I have some drawer space to put them.

    Tom, congrats on your new position with the LBC. Were you telling the other commuter about those sites due to being V.P. of education? 🙂

  4. I was telling the other commuter about stuff because she seemed interested after I mentioned the email list, and because having more viewpoints at the Bike Summit is a good thing. 😉 It’s all about sharing information and ideas, just as you and I share information via our blogs. Who knows? She may also have some great ideas to share with us!

  5. Don’t know if Tom will check this again, but I’m encouraging you (Tom) to give our RiverCityCyclingSociety ride a thought Sunday morning at 11.00. Dave and I will be there. check out for details.

    And I’m signed up for the Bike Summit too.

  6. I’m aware of the RCCS ride. I may ride, but I think I have other things happening that day. If I get a chance I’ll be there.

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