Watch Out for Candy Bars

I stopped on the way home to get a snack.  I shouldn’t have spent the money, but I felt I needed some sugar to make it home.

I grabbed a Snickers bar.  I devoured it, then looked at the label.  The King Size Snickers is considered 3 servings, each serving is 170 calories.  In other words, I ate a quick 510 calories, and it wasn’t even filling.

That candy bar was the highest calorie single item I’ve eaten since Friday of last week.  The item on Friday was a foot-long sub from Subway.

One thought on “Watch Out for Candy Bars”

  1. I’ve heard Snickers bars referred to as the “poor man’s Power Bar,” the assumption being that the peanuts are healthier than some of the junk in the average candy bar. The “Super Size” phenomenon common to “Amurrikins” is pretty inviting–as you found out when you bought that King Size bar (and please note that I’m not pointing fingers–I fall prey to it myself far too often). We like to feel like we are full after eating. Bryant Stamford made some comments on that in his column in the C-J today. I gave it a quick skim read, and plan to read it more intently later today.

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