Cheap Eats

Due to a number of unusual expenses, I was left with very little money for groceries.  I did drive to work today due to snow, and had to spend $7.00 to park.  That’s coming out of grocery money too.

I went through my cupboards yesterday to figure out how long I can go with my existing stuff before having to go to the store.

Pinto Beans: I had a bag of these that had been sitting in the cupboard way too long.  I cooked up a big pot last night, ate beans for dinner last night, and refrigerated enough for tonight (which I have now eaten), and froze the rest for later in the week.  I added spices and hot sauce, but I didn’t have anything else to add.

Rice: I have a fair amount of rice.  I haven’t cooked any of it, but I will have to later in the week.  I will boil it, or if I’m feeling energetic, fry it first for a different flavor.  I have some olive oil left for that.

Split Peas:  I have a small amount of these.  It should be enough for one meal.

Corn Meal: I have a large bag of this that appears to be several years old.  I opened it, and put it in a canister.  There were no signs of mold or bugs, so it should be fine.  I figure that once I run out of cereal and milk, I can cook cornmeal mush for breakfast.

Lunch: I have enough lunch meat for 3 more sandwiches.  I have a little more bread than that.  I’ve been in the habit of eating two sandwiches for lunch when I ride to work.  I’m planning on bringing one sandwich and a package of frozen brussels sprouts for lunch tomorrow.  I’ll eat later in the day so I have energy to ride home.  I should probably bring an extra piece of bread or two.

Frozen Dinners: I have one frozen dinner in the freezer.  I’ll save it until I’m really sick of beans.

Popcorn: I have a large amount of popcorn, and a hot-air popper.  That will help my small meals fill me up.

What I don’t have: I’m completely out of fresh fruits, orange juice, cheese, and meat.  I’m nearly out of milk and lunch meat.  I don’t have a lot of cereal, but the milk will run out first.

My goal is to make it to Friday with what I have.  Then I’ll spend a little at the grocery store.  The more days I drive (and spend $7 to park), the less money I’ll have for groceries.

I’m actually looking forward to this challenge… mostly because I’m weird.  🙂

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  1. Aren’t we all. and it looks like what’s left is pretty good for you: beans, rice, popcorn (fiber, which you won’t need). a little sandwich meat left.

    good luck.

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