FatGuy Is Now Metric Friendly

I’ve updated my Daily Weigh-In page a bit.  I’ve changed what information I’m providing, and I added my weight in kilograms.

It’s funny, I’ve been complaining about my weight for the past couple of weeks, and now I’ve had a five pound drop in two days.  I guess I should complain more often.  🙂

The recumbent has a name!

Inspired by Susan’s comments in the previous post, I considered shortening her suggestion to Barca, which led to a Google search, which led to an Italian names list.

The company that manufactures my ‘bent, Bacchetta, has an Italian sounding name, but they aren’t Italian.  So I figured an feminine, Italian name was in order.  After browsing around, I settled on Oria.  Oria is derived from the Latin aureus, or “golden”.

So, although Oria is not golden in color, I think it’s a great name for her.

3 thoughts on “FatGuy Is Now Metric Friendly”

  1. I haven’t named a bike in a long time. The nearest I’ve come is for my Bacchetta Strada. A friend was hosting an Italian exchange student several years ago, and he and I settled down to discuss names for the Strada variant that I wanted to sell at the store (Strada with Campy components). We chose Gasato, as you may have read on the old web site I haven’t updated since 2003 or so.

    Your name for your bike fits, though…the ride is certainly golden.

  2. Gasato does sound cool, but it’s meaning seems strange. It’s derived from “gasare” which means “to aerate”, or “to kill by gassing”.

    Maybe that would be a good name for my bike due to my high-fiber diet. 🙂

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