I’ve Gone Completely Mad!

It’s a good thing I’m single.  Nermal needed a shower, so I gave him one.  I did remove the leather saddle first, and dried him thoroughly.  I’ll be lubing everything later tonight.

5 thoughts on “I’ve Gone Completely Mad!”

  1. That’s funny! I’ve not done any bike cleaning quite that way before, but it makes sense this time of year. Keep him inside until any water that got in the frame has a chance to evaporate out.

    It was below my temperature minimum this morning, and I have advance notice of a meeting involving another two bridge crossings today, so I drove. I’ve got to go to Crestwood after the day gig to work the weekend gig for a bit.

  2. Tom,

    I keep my bikes in the house, so no worries there. I do have to clean the tub tonight though. While cleaning the drivetrain I found a twig jammed in a derailleur pulley. Hmmm…. wonder how long that’s been there…

    It would be substantially more difficult to give a long-wheelbase recumbment a shower in the same manner. The recumbent also has a seat that would absorb way too much water, and is more difficult to remove.

    I did ride today, and it was a bit colder than I care for, but it’ll be warmer on the way home.

    Ride Safe!

  3. an old toothbrush works well on chains.. a word of advice.. try not to get water into the bottom bracket (where the cranks connect to the frame) .. and when you lube the chain .. after you lube it.. wipe off all the extra.. too much lube leads to that dust/dirt/muck covered chain.. which ain’t good.

  4. Dave,

    I have a small plastic brush that I use. It’s not a toothbrush, but I’ll probably replace it with one once it needs replacing.

    I learned my lesson about over-lubing the chain a while back. I still have grease stains on my pants, and had to clean it up off the floor. It wasn’t just a dirt magnet, it was being flung all over the rear wheel. Whee! I went much lighter on the lube this time, then wiped down the chain.

    The bottom bracket on this bike is the (sealed?) cartridge type. I’ve bought tools for pulling the cranks, and removing the bracket. The bike shop already replaced the first one under warranty, so I bought the tools to do the next one. I didn’t spray water directly at the BB, so it shouldn’t have gotten any more water in it than it does on a rainy day.

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