A New Week

It’s Monday.  It’s a full work week, and I’ve started out on the right foot.  I rode Nermal into work today.  I had an excellent ride, and feel good.

The various changes I’ve made to Nermal have made the 16.5 mile trip a little easier.  The Brooks saddle helps tremendously with comfort.  The new straight handlebars with bar-ends give me more hand positions, and allow a more forward position on the bike.

I’m not giving up my recumbent, but I’m beginning to think that Nermal will become my primary commuting bike.

There is some rain forecast for tomorrow, but I’m hoping to ride everyday this week.  I’ve actually been having an easier time riding in these days.  I guess I got past the mental barrier of “I can’t do it”.

My weight is up, but I overate the last few days.  It’ll go back down this week.

7 thoughts on “A New Week”

  1. I ordered a rain cape over the weekend, for use on my Raleigh during wet weather rides. I’ll let you know how it works.

  2. http://www.bicycleclothing.com/Rain-Capes.html is the one I ordered. It should leave their facility this week, and get to me early next week. I’ve seen more expensive ones (Carradice make a NICE rain cape), but am reluctant to buy the most expensive one (in dark green, no less) as a first try.

    Center for Appropriate Transport offers rain ponchos in blue/black or yellow/black at $79 (http://catoregon.qwestoffice.net/raingear.htm). I don’t much like the black panel down the middle as a visibility issue, though.

  3. I’ve decided to drop 5-10 lbs that I’ve picked up since Sept. Got a good start then a friend dropped by yesterday with 2 slices of strawberry cake. Good manners required that I eat it.

  4. Susa, that will happen. As David points out in another post on his blog, don’t beat yourself up over it. Those two pieces of cake may have seemed like they added ten times their weight to your body, but you’ll recover.

    Come ride with us some time.

  5. Nice job on Nermal. I rode today and had a dang pleasant ride with the 35F and sleet.

    I need to look at that calendar and get that RCCS going. It’s gonna have to be a Sunday for me b/c my Saturday schedules for Jan and Feb are ridiculously busy with kid stuff. What about the last Sunday of January?

    And on the rain front, I bought a clearance Performance bike gore-tex jacket that really does nicely for me. I probably paid $20 for it 2 or 3 years ago. Not a good time of the year to buy one right now.

  6. Tim,

    Thanks, I really like Nermal with the updates now.

    The last Sunday of the month would be fine for for a RCCS ride.

    If you send me an email with username, password, and display name you want, then you can poke around on the new site. I’m still looking for a better “events calendar” plug-in.

    My light jacket I wore today over my base layers was fine for the sleet and snow we had today. I’m more worried about better raingear for days like yesterday.

    I didn’t ride yesterday, but did on Monday, and today. I’m not planning on riding tomorrow, but I will Friday, so I’ll still get my three days worth in.

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