Back on the Recumbent

I intended to ride yesterday, but I had a headache, and I’m naturally lazy, so I only made a quick trip to the store.  I did take the bike, but it’s less than 1.5 mile round trip.

I wanted to make up for it today, but, again, I’m naturally lazy, and only took a short ride.  I had left Nermal at the bike shop this morning for some repairs and upgrades, so my lonely recumbent (that still needs a name) was the ride for the day.

My goal is to ride 5000 miles this year.  That means I need to average 14 miles per day.  Well, it’s now the second day of the year, and I’ve only ridden 15 miles.  I’m going to have to work on that.

Another part of my goal is to drive less than 3500 miles.  I haven’t checked my odometer, but I know I’m doing poorly there too.  Part of it was the trip to the bike shop though.

For today’s ride I followed my very familiar 11 mile loop, then rode around town.

I found that one of the small bridges I ride over has flat-topped posts that are great for sitting my camera on, and using the timer for a cheesy self-portrait.




4 thoughts on “Back on the Recumbent”

  1. Don’t worry too much about the mileage goal this early in the year. Build up and do a few centuries, and you’ll get there just fine.

    There will be some preparatory rides for the MS Bike Tour starting at your bike shop. Watch the LBC schedule for details. I may even be riding some of them.

    If your ride to work is 15 or 16 miles each way, then three days of riding gets your weekly average you want. Everything over that is bonus miles.

  2. Tom,

    I’m not worried. I’m actually only going to track the bike vs car mileage on a monthly basis. I also understand that I’ll have fewer miles during the colder months.

    Which bike shop are you referring to? I visit three of them.

    The hardest part for me will be actually pushing myself to ride to work three days each week. Monday will be a bad start – I have to drive. 🙁

  3. The steering and balance of a recumbent is a little different, but doesn’t take long to adjust to.

    It’s much more comfortable, but due to it’s size, can be hard to wrangle around indoors. I have been riding Nermal, my upright bike, more recently.

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