Another Ride on Nermal

I went on a 20 mile ride today on Nermal, the hybrid.  I really like the bike now that it’s got a new saddle and pedals.  I’ve had Nermal longer, but he only has 613 miles on him.  The recumbent has 1525.  This week, I rode Nermal for 51 miles.  Although I’ve done more than that on the recumbent it’s the most I’ve done on Nermal.

I usually plan a route in advance.  I couldn’t decide how long of a ride I wanted today, so I just went out the door without a plan.

The weather was much cooler than yesterday, but still quite nice.  I wore two base layers on the bottom, one on the top, a light jacket, beanie, wool socks, and light gloves.  I was plenty warm until late in the ride when the sun was getting low in the sky.

I started out going down Highway 62, as if I were commuting to work.

I continued toward Jeffersonville for a while, stopped at a convenience store for a break, then headed back toward Charlestown.

I wasn’t ready to go back yet, so I turned west on Salem-Noble Road.  I then took High Jackson Road back toward Charlestown.  I grabbed a couple of pictures along the way.


This route has a lot less traffic than 62, and more hills.  It also has water.  I managed to grab one picture of a small plane flying around.  Was he training or just enjoying the scenery from up high?

Along High Jackson Road there is a small derelict cemetery with a rock wall.  Pretty interesting to look at.


4 thoughts on “Another Ride on Nermal”

  1. Hey David. I’ve been lurking on your blog for the past couple of weeks, and I really enjoy it. I am inspired by your weight loss progress, but this week it was the pictures of your ride that drew me in. What part of the country do you live in? Beautiful scenery! I keep telling myself to bring my camera with me when I ride, but most of the time I forget.
    A few years ago, I weighed almost 300 pounds. I started cycling, and between that and a little dieting, I have been able to lose weight. However, I can never manage to keep it off for very long. This past March, I was back up to 255 pounds. I climbed back on the wagon, and now I weigh 188 pounds. I made two significant changes that I had never made before. One change was that I stopped drinking diet soda. I’ve always been a fan of diet Coke, but I quit drinking it altogether. Occasionally I will drink a regular soft drink, but mostly I drink club soda with lime. The other change I made is that I started commuting to work by bicycle. I always ride in the warmer weather, from March to November. I usually ride 3500 miles a year. But I have found that by commuting, I continue riding into the cold weather months, and my workout is not something I can skip (I have to get home, right?)
    Thanks for writing your blog, and good luck as you continue to log your progress. I’ll be reading.

  2. Welcome Jason!

    I live in Charlestown Indiana, just outside of Louisville, Kentucky. Although the commute is 16.5 miles each way, the location is great for pleasure rides.

    I don’t do the “club ride” thing. They are generally more interested in training for speed. I mosey along at my own pace, stopping for pictures occasionally.

    I never have drank diet soda, so I just cut out the soda completely, and initially cut down on the beer. Now it’s been over a month since I’ve had a beer.

    The exercise from riding and the healthy eating I do now have completely changed the way I feel. It isn’t just about weight loss. It’s about living longer, healthier, and happier.

    You can ride year-round. With some preparation you can ride when things get icy. I’m not planning on riding on ice this winter, but I’ll have studded tires ready for next winter.

    Take care,

  3. Great pics, looked like a great ride.

    Sure was nice today, I patched a leak in the roof at the Chruch, but I am still under the weather, no ride.

    Does wanting to ride really bad count?

    Looks like your blog is gathering new readers every week!

  4. Nice pics David. I remember that graveyard. Intersting.

    As for a RCCS ride (I’ve dropped the Clydesdale part b/c skinny laid-back folks can ride too) I have a first ride idea. I’ll look at my schedule and get a date on the map. Would the best day be Sunday? Saturday? Mine very much depends on my boys’ game schedules, but I’m planning the first one. In fact, contact me on email and I have a few other things to tell you.

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