Record High Temperatures

I’ve already proven that I’m willing to ride in cold weather.  Today, I didn’t have to.  The official high temperature for the day was 71 degrees.  It was beautiful.

I rode about 17 miles today.  I met a couple of new friends along the way.

I had to stop to avoid hitting the dog, but he was friendly, and didn’t give chase once I had pet him.  The caterpillar was a surprise.  It was six degrees less than a week ago.

Southern Indiana always has some beautiful scenery.

Yup, I rode Nermal.  He’s like a new bike with the new seatpost, Brooks saddle, new pedals, and fixed bottom bracket.  I’m really liking the Brooks.  I’m still slower on Nermal than on the recumbent, but I wasn’t in a hurry.

Once I got back into town, I rode around a few residential areas, and found the site of a recent house fire.

I don’t know the details about this fire.  I hope everyone got out okay.  Notice the melted siding on the house next door.

In addition to today’s ride on Nermal, I also went on a midnight ride last night for about 12 miles.  It was an incredibly beautiful night, and it worked well for relieving stress.