A Great Sunday, So Far

I woke up feeling good, and weighed-in.  My weight dipped below 220 lbs for the first time.  It may not stay there, but that was I nice boost.

I’ve eaten healthy today so far.  I rode my recumbent on an 11 mile ride with temperatures in the teens, and gusty winds.  The skies and roads were clear.  It was quite a nice ride.  I battled some killer headwinds, but I also had a tailwind that helped me up a hill.

I rode my hybrid to the grocery store for a few things I need to cook vegetarian spanish rice.  I’m not switching to a vegetarian diet, but I’m eating vegetarian today.

My main concern for today is ice cream.  I have ice cream in the freezer.  I will eat some, but I need to have self-control.