Pants Sizes

When I started losing weight over a year ago, I had several pair of size 44 jeans that fit decently.  I had some 42s that were too tight.  As I lost some weight, the 42s fit well, but the 44s were too loose.

About six months ago, I bought some size 40 jeans.  I tried on 38s, but they were painful.  The 40s were a tad tight.

Last month, I bought some new slacks and dress pants for my new job.  Most are 40s, one pair are size 38.  The 38s were too tight, but I bought them anyway.  Today, I wore the 38s for the second time.  I didn’t realize they were the 38s, because they fit perfectly.  So, I guess I am officially a size 38 now.

I’m on a tight budget, and need new jeans, so I did stop at Goodwill today.  There were no jeans that I wanted.  I did find two old wool sweaters that will be great for riding on cold days though.  I’ll probably have to spend a few dollars for new jeans that fit, so I can stop walking around in baggy jeans.

My weight has been holding pretty steady so far this week.  I’ve been very careful about what I eat.  I said I was off the bike for a week, and although I didn’t commute to work on the bike, I did run to the bank yesterday.  I’ll probably go to the grocery store tomorrow, but those are both short trips.

The weather for next week looks like a mixed bag of frigid, rain, and snow.  I plan on riding all three of the days I have to work, but I won’t if there is ice on the roads.

2 thoughts on “Pants Sizes”

  1. It would appear that most of the male world in the US is someplace between a 36 and a 38, they are the hardest to find in the second hand market…

    You can often find dress pants in that size, but almost never jeans, Wally world is my choice for jeans. My 18 year old son calls them old man jeans…

    The Thrift store at the 22 st (64 exit) use to have the biggest selection around, but it is hard to find a pair without holes or stains.

    Cold today! I wondered if you would ride. Someone at work told me they saw a guy on a motorcycle near Dixie highway this morning! I thought I had the rest of the year off, but they wanted one more day, would have to be the coldest day of the year.

  2. I’m just going to wear my baggy jeans a little longer. I’ll be able to spend some money on new ones in about two months. Luckily my belt still fits.

    As you probably saw, I did ride today. I’m not riding tomorrow. Tomorrow morning would be fine, but the ride home could be ice-covered, so I’ll drive.

    So, I’m only working two days this week. I’m not sure if it’ll be two or three next week yet.

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