Did I Lie?

I’ve stated before that before April 2008, the only bike I’ve owned as an adult was a cheap mountain bike that broke every time that I rode it.  I imagine that I rode it less than 10 miles.

However, my ex-wife was helping me scan pictures over the weekend, and I found a picture of my wife in our bedroom, in 1995, with what appears to be a mountain bike in the corner.

I have no memory of this bike.  I briefly didn’t own a car not long after this picture was taken, but I lived about 1.5 miles from work, and I walked.  I didn’t ride a bike.  It’s quite odd that the bike is in my bedroom, yet I have no memory of it.  My daughters were too young to ride it at the time, and my ex-wife hates bicycles, so it had to be mine.

It’s just really strange that I can’t remember it.

2 thoughts on “Did I Lie?”

  1. Could the bike in that picture have been the “cheap mountain bike that broke every time (you) rode it?” Judging from the picture, it was indeed an inexpensive bike–similar to one a bike snob would call a BSO (Bicycle-shaped object). If you want to split hairs, you could say you owned a BSO instead of a bike, and still consider yourself honest. (:-)

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