Another Weekend Ride

Today is what yesterday was supposed to be.

I went on a 35-mile ride with temperatures in the mid-20s.  This time, I didn’t go alone.  Tim joined me for the ride.  He lives in Louisville, and enjoys finding new areas to ride.  I enjoyed the company.  I promised to ride with him on his turf sometime.

I rode my recumbent, and he rode his beautiful and well used Bleriot.  It was a slow-paced ride.  He appears to be a stronger rider than me, but neither of us wants to race.

Most of yesterday’s snow and ice has cleared from the road, but there were still some slick patches.

Tim has blogged about the ride, and included a good picture of me, and both bikes.


3 thoughts on “Another Weekend Ride”

  1. Tim,
    It was a fun day. We’ll have to do it again. BTW.. you have much better pictures than I managed.

    Once you get the right gear, cold-weather riding is rather nice.

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