2000 Miles

I track my bike mileage weekly.  Back in August I reached a total of 1000 miles for the year.  Today, the total is 2001.4 miles.

I’ll still get some more miles for the year, but I doubt it’ll be more than 300 or so.  It could be quite a bit less depending on weather.

I have set a difficult goal for next year.  I want to ride 5000 miles for the year.  I know there is a good chance I won’t make the goal, but that is what I will try for.  In addition, I want to try to drive less than 3500 miles to wean myself off of needing a car.

2 thoughts on “2000 Miles”

  1. “Car free” is a tough way to be in our society. I know folks who are doing it, and they strive to make their carbon footprint as small as they can make it. Cutting car use to painful minimums isn’t my goal, although reducing car use to my own acceptable minimum is certainly workable.

    Hey, I’m an Amuriken, after all! I refuse to give up some of my creature comforts!

    It’s just that one of those comforts is seeing folks sit in traffic on the interstate while I get just as far just as fast bicycling on surface streets…

  2. I would have to move to be car free.
    Or get a job closer to home.

    There is very little work close to my home, and I just can not see living anywhere else.

    But we have made it a point to spend more time at home each week. When gas was up we limited our trips to work and Church. We tried our best to do our shopping on the way home from work. It proved we could limit our auto use, but that is still a ways from car free.

    I would agree that a single person might stand a better chance, but then there is the issue of dating.

    Good luck

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