Two Days in a Row, Then DOH!

I rode in slush in slow for a partial commute on Monday.  I rode in cold weather for the same partial commute yesterday.  I met up with Bikeolounger yesterday,  and picked up some reflective vinyl.  I spent a little time applying it to my bike last night.

I intended to ride the partial commute on my Nermal every day this week.  The twelve-mile round-trip is not difficult.  I packed my work clothes and laptop into my panniers, and went to bed.

I woke up two hours late today, and had a morning meeting I had to get to.  So much for riding today.

I’ll be back on the bike tomorrow though.  If I oversleep tomorrow, I’ll ride anyway, I don’t have any meetings scheduled.

2 thoughts on “Two Days in a Row, Then DOH!”

  1. So far I’ve only put the reflective stuff on the hybrid, because I was going to ride it today. I hope to have time to put some on the recumbent tonight also.

    I’ll take some pictures tonight. The flash is great for showing the reflectiveness. 🙂

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