Snow Showers

It’s December, and there have been snow showers on and off throughout the day.  So what did I do?  I rode my bike!  I actually only rode from 6 miles away from work, so 12 mile round-trip.

The ride in was pretty wet, with some rain mixed in.  The ride home was colder, and I could hear the precipitation hitting my helmet.  It was actually a fun ride.  There was no snow accumulation on the roads, so I wasn’t too worried about ice.

Tomorrow is supposed to be dry, and I think I’m going to do the six-mile ride again.

I enjoyed the biking portion of my commute much more than the driving portion

4 thoughts on “Snow Showers”

  1. I am really giving serious thought to commuting part of the way in, even if it is just from outside the Industrial park. I am thinking if I give it a go on a few really crappy weather days, it will be so much easier come spring!

    I have found that biking in my work boots is not bad at all, at least for just a couple of miles.

    Sounds like you might get wet Wednesday.

  2. Mark,

    I highly recommend it. Riding in bad weather is actually kind of fun. Having warm dry clothes when you arrive is important.

    For 2-3 miles you could probably bike in your work clothes, as long as they are warm enough, and it’s not raining too hard.

    Good luck!

  3. It has sure been a strange week.

    Tuesday at noon managment decided to shut our plant down until next Monday! (orders are slow, first time anything like this in the 8 years I have worked there)

    Wednesday I had a unexpected funeral.

    So yesterday I took my wife and did some visitation at a couple of local nursing homes.

    Now today here I sit, I have a couple of projects around the house, thinking about taking a bike ride this afternoon. Wondering if I should be sending out Resume’s…

    I guess we all have weeks that don’t go our way…

    You might get to ride in the snow Saturday, I have not done that in 30 years, I might try it out.

  4. Mark,

    Sorry to hear about your bad news, and possible bad news.

    I was going to ride my partial commute everyday this week, but didn’t on Wednesday or today because I overslept.

    I’ve got nothing going on this weekend either, so I may attempt to ride on Saturday also. If you want to meet up for a ride, my phone number is on the contact page.

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