Hilly Ride

I took a 16.5 mile ride today.  I haven’t been on the bike enough recently.  I ate too much yesterday.  I need to squeeze in the short rides when I can.


I rode to Charlestown State Park, all the way down to the river and back.  It was very beautiful and peaceful.  It was dark before I got home.  I was well lit, and very reflective.

5 thoughts on “Hilly Ride”

  1. Loving the vest, David!

    I’ve not been on my bikes much this holly-daze weekend. A couple trips to grocery stores and such, but no real miles. Maybe I’ll crank up the hot rod for tomorrow afternoon’s club ride. Unless it decides to snow…

  2. Thanks!

    I needed the vest. All of my cycling clothing is dark-colored. I have good lights, but I needed some additional passive reflective stuff. I still don’t have as much reflective material as you.

    Don’t say the “S” word! I’m considering riding to work on Monday, no matter what the weather. I haven’t ridden enough recently, and if I don’t start serious winter riding now, I won’t ride again until March.

  3. Sounded like a good ride. I didn’t get to take my downtown Louisville ride, but I did ride to my brothers house and I mounted a new “saddle bag” on the bike. Perhaps the correct term is cloth panner…

    I plan to take a picture this week and post it in some fashion.

    It is an old army gas mask bag.

  4. I have some reflective vinyl in again. Most of it is white, but I have scraps of “street sign green,” gold, and black as well. The white was printed with name and numbers of a sign shop where I used to work, but the print didn’t pass muster for some reason. Rather than throw the stuff away, they gave it to me. There is some red on there that would be useful. If you want some of it, I’ll share.

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