Happy Turkey Day

I find it weird that on a day that we are to give thanks, we eat food until we are uncomfortable.  I saw a posting on the web today from Mark Hendricks asking “Do we get a pass on that whole, ‘Gluttony’ thing on Thanksgiving?

My ex-wife and I have no family in the area, and travelling wasn’t in the plans for this year, so I’ll be spending Thanksgiving with my daughter and ex-wife.  Spending time with family is the good part of Thanksgiving.

About the food thing… I’m going to overeat today.  I’ve eaten well over the last two days, and  I don’t intend to have a huge Christmas dinner next month, so I will probably be eating well for the rest of the year.

There is some beautiful weather today, so I’m hoping to squeeze in a short bike ride.

Oh, and my ex-wife doesn’t care for turkey… so we are having ham.

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