“Light” Rain

Last night before I went to bed, the weather forecast was calling for light rain, and temperatures in the mid-40s for my morning commute.  I figured that was perfect weather to try out my rain gear.

When I woke up this morning, there was much more than light rain going on.  It was less than a downpour, but heavier than I intended to ride in.  I rode anyway.

It was a slow ride.  My raingear does not breathe well, and I didn’t want to work up a sweat inside it.  I had also worn plastic bags over my wool socks to keep the feet warm and dry.  Overall it worked pretty well.  I got to work without getting too wet or cold.

This was my first commute by bicycle to the new job.  So, my third day on the job, and now they know I’m crazy.

The ride home didn’t work out so well.  The rain had stopped, but the temperature had dropped.  My rain pants had ripped badly, and too much cold wind was getting in.  I needed another layer, and didn’t have it.  After four miles, I called for a ride.

Putting wet gloves in the server room in front of the air-conditioning vent will dry them quickly.

2 thoughts on ““Light” Rain”

  1. I thought about you in that rain, cold rain.

    I have so much trouble seeing in the dark, I hit two deer last winter in my pickup.
    One of those mornings I would have been on my motorcycle, but I had misplaced the
    keys and got up late. That is when I gave up riding in the rain in the dark.

    I looked when I got to work to see if you rode, good to see your post.

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