Bicycling for Louisville Open House

I attended the Bicycling for Louisville Open House tonight.  I met quite a few interesting people, including several other recumbent riders.  Executive Director Barry Zalph is an incredibly nice guy with a challenging job.

Many of the people that showed up were bike commuters.  I had intended to ride to work today so that I could bike to the open house, but a number of things prevented that.  I did walk the short distance from work though.

6 thoughts on “Bicycling for Louisville Open House”

  1. David, it was good to meet you when we could talk, instead of in passing (in opposite directions) on the bridge!

    I’ve known Barry for over ten years, and continue to learn good things when I’m around him. He is a kind and gentle soul, but with a drive that is compelling to those around him.

  2. I was there from 3.30-4.30, but had to go home for family activities. I pulled off a rarity this week, riding all 5 days. Maybe it was the cold that motivated me. You’ll do it next week.

  3. Tom,

    It was good to meet you. You are one of the few I saw ride there. That’s cool.


    I’m sorry I missed you. I wasn’t there until after 5:00. I do intend to ride next week. Wish me luck.

  4. Sounds like something I might have liked, but it was not in the cards.

    My wife and I played a “concert” at a local elderly housing unit Thursday night, so I took
    her out for Mexican and groceries Friday night.

    I know it might sound crazy to you guys, but I am thinking of driving to Jeff this Friday and riding over 2nd street bridge, and riding around down town a bit.
    My wife will be shopping with “the girls” Friday, and my son has other plans…

  5. Mark,

    Are you still planning on riding tomorrow? If so send me an email. We mail be able to meet up. I’m not working tomorrow, but it might be fun to ride the ‘bent into Louisville.

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