Didn’t Manage Car-Free

I rode all the way to work and back on Monday.  I rode into work on Tuesday, but called for a ride after riding part of the way home.  My legs couldn’t do it anymore.  I seem to have more muscle issues in cold weather.

Last night I went out to dinner with my ex-wife and daughter, and my car broke down.  It’s in the shop now, but I still didn’t ride to work.  I got a ride from my ex-wife.

So, I’m three days into what was supposed to be a car-free week.  I drove my car briefly yesterday, and mooched rides from other people today.  I may take the bus from work to within nine miles of home tonight, then get a ride from there.

I should have my car tonight.  Tomorrow is my first day at a new job, so I’m going to drive.  I will ride to work and back on Friday though.

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  1. RATS! Sorry to hear about your legs giving you trouble.

    Good that you and your ex-wife seem to get along–too many other former couples act as if they hate each other.

  2. I’m riding less now than I was in August. I think the cold affects my muscles.

    I rode TARC for the first time today. I’ve lived in the area for eight years, and had never been on TARC. I rode from downtown to Meijer in Jeffersonville. My ex-wife picked me up there, and took me to get my car.

    I’m driving tomorrow, but I’ll ride on Friday, and I plan on attending the Bicycling for Louisville Open House.

    The great thing about divorce is that you don’t have to put up with that person as much.

  3. Does the tarc buss have a bike rack? That might cut your ride down to a more managable winter commute?

    How much does riding tarc cost?

  4. TARC fare is $1.25 or $1.50, I forget which (I haven’t ridden in a while). The bike rack would accept a hybrid, but David’s recumbent will not fit (trust me on this–I sold the first two of that model to appear in town when I worked in a shop).

    The biggest challenge with TARC is scheduling. I haven’t done any research on their routes toward where David lives, but I suspect they are not as frequent as inner city runs. We as a society have gotten spoiled with our cars, and the attendent ability to go where and when we want without it having to be on someone else’s schedule.

  5. If that bus fare is close to correct, that would still be cheaper than parking downtown.

    I have considered “ticket to ride”, but my work schedule is sometimes out of my control. If an important peice of equipment is down at work, I may be half the night…
    (I expect my house is 30 miles from the closest TARC stop.)

    By the By, I saw a recumbent for sale in front of the Kroger on Grantline road, just south of 265 yesterday. I couldn’t read the sign, I didn’t see it until I was almost past it. If anyone is interested, I can go up and take a look at it at lunch today, it is near my work.

  6. TARC fare is indeed $1.50. The Jeffersonville Park and Ride has been discontinued. You could park at Meijer, but you could get towed. Also, as it gets later, the buses are less frequent (but they do run pretty late).

    As far as biking to Meijer… I might as well continue riding until I get into work. I’m past the halfway point.

    A friend of mine sent me a picture of the “recumbent” at Kroger. It was a grainy cell-phone picture, but it appeared to be a semi-recumbent, similar to a Day6 bicycle. I think he said it was $150.

  7. It was signed as for sale at $150. It’s a Sun Cycles Sunray semi-recumbent, with nutted axles, 21-speed drive train, and what looks like an uncomfortable seat.

    I’ll pass.

    Yeah, TARC offerings have gotten pretty weak in outlying areas. TARC got hit hard when fuel prices dropped, as they had locked in a price on their fuel just below peak costs for a set number of months, and that term is not over but everyone else’s fuel prices went down significantly. It’s the bad side of the wager they made at the time. I’m three blocks from several main routes–my girlfriend rides TARC to work most days.

  8. Just read this, can a person park down by Buckheads or hooters and ride over second street bridge? At worst case maybe I could park at the Clark Hospital and ride over?

    I would rather not be towed…

  9. Mark,

    There is a sign at the parking lot that it is for customers only. That said, I have parked in the lot (the further one outside the floodwall) several times with no issues.

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