Waterproofing the Bike Computer

Most electronic products for bicycles can handle some water.  Even my cheap bicycle computer can handle water, but unfortunately the water does short-circuit the weak signal from the sensor, and my speed reads zero.Since I do ride in the rain, and I like to track my mileage, this was a problem.

The friendly people over at BikeForums had several suggestions.  The idea that I used was to wrap a sandwich bag around the computer, then use several zip-ties to hold it in place.  It’s not pretty, but it’s functional, and it was free.

I’ve done this with both of my bikes now, but here’s a picture of it on my recumbent.

It does have some drawbacks.  I can’t take the computer off without cutting the zip-ties.  There is a layer of plastic to look through to see the display.  Overall, it seems worth it though.

One thought on “Waterproofing the Bike Computer”

  1. I have a couple of scales at work I keep dry and clean this way. I use rubber bands to hold the plastic in place, it is easier to remove when we need to.

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