Sit-up, Push-ups, and Dumbbells

I found the site One Hundred Push-ups that is a six-week program to be able to do one hundred push-ups.  The first part is a test to find out what you can do now.  I did five.  I was humbled by the pushup.

Anyway, I plan on working on the push-up on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays.  I also did arm-curls with a 20 lb dumbbell (two sets of 15 per arm), and sit-ups (25 before I gave up).  I haven’t yet made a plan for the other exercises, but I’ll squeeze them in on the same three days, and have four days of rest.

I get plenty of leg exercise and cardio from the bicycles.

I started my weight-loss for health reasons.  Building muscle will help with my health, and with burning fat by keeping my metabolism ticking along nicely.  Also, burning the fat from behind the skin, will allow what little loose skin I develop to begin to shrink back closer to normal.

Also, being able to “drop and give 100” sounds cool.  🙂

4 thoughts on “Sit-up, Push-ups, and Dumbbells”

  1. No way I could do 100 pushups, I’m not even going to try and see what I can do…

    With the arm curls, I have a couple of small weights around, I have been told that slow is the key. I mean when you do the curl go VERY slow up and VERY slow down, you may already know this. Maybe a five count up and five down…

    Good luck,

  2. I can’t either. I was able to do 5. I’ll follow the six-week program, and see what happens. Cycling doesn’t do much for the upper body.

    Yup, I do my curls slowly. Maybe more of a 3-count than 5, but close enough. 🙂

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