A Little Friday Riding, and Enough is Enough

I did the partial-commute thing today.  I parked about 3.5 miles from work, and rode my hybrid bike the rest of the way.

The weather forecast called for a chance of rain in the morning, and a greater chance in the afternoon.

The ride in was nice, except a mild headwind.  No rain, warmer temperatures.  The ride back to the car was slightly nicer, the wind was at my back.

I’ve been beating myself up a bit over not riding enough.  I guess if I can just manage to get on the bike some November through March, then it’ll be fine.  I’m not going to buy studded snow tires for the rare occasion I’d need them, I’ll just drive.  I’ll try to avoid riding in the rain when it’s cold.  I do have raingear, in case I get caught in it.

I have wanted to do more upper body workout stuff, and core strengthening, so less riding should mean more time and energy to work on that.

2 thoughts on “A Little Friday Riding, and Enough is Enough”

  1. Wow! I got to ride my bike in downtown Louisville, it was great!

    I felt like a kid with his first bike. I am going to make plans to ride it again just to do so.
    My intension was not to ride the bike at all, but it turned out to be the thing to do.

    Friday after work I went over to the Borders book store on forth street, traffic was thick as it was rush hour, and I could find a parking spot anywhere close. I got one with meter over off third (I think), anyway, I had the bike in the bed of the truck, I had planned to ride it during lunch but it didn’t work out.
    So I rode the bike over to 4th street, there is a nice metal cage under the steps just outside the door, I used that to lock my bike to. I happen to have a very cheap cable lock. I bought the book I was looking for and road back to the truck. I couldn’t believe how much fun it was, and how easy.
    The next time we get a little better weather, I’m going to park in Jeff and ride over second street and just mull around a bit. Yesterday was the first time I was in that Borders, it was nice, the coffee looked a bit high priced…

    First ride in the city
    First ride in KY
    First ride in “street traffic”

    I even saw other bikers and I think two bike cops!

  2. I really enjoy riding downtown. The traffic is usually pretty sane. People see you. I’m more worried when I get outside of downtown.

    Just remember to go the right way on one-way streets, take your lane, and stay off the sidewalk.

    You will see the “bicycle cops” on the sidewalk. They have an exemption that allows them to do that. I personally don’t think they should.

    Also, the Riverwalk Trail is really nice if you want a traffic-free ride. You can park where 8th street ends at the river (for a fee), and the trail is right there. Alternatively, you can park in Jeffersonville, and ride there.

    Have fun, enjoy yourself!

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