Above 230 Again

That wasn’t supposed to happen.  I’ve been slacking off.  I’ve been eating poorly.  Now the scale is showing it.

I haven’t ridden my bike since Monday.  I exceeded 3000 calories per day for several days in a row.  I woke up late today, and forgot to bring my lunch.  The scale read 231.6 lbs this morning.

3 thoughts on “Above 230 Again”

  1. Bummer! I had not ridden since Monday, either, for assorted reasons. Got up this morning, saw a passable forecast, and rode to work. An otherwise great morning ride was marred, however, by a stupid act by a cage-herder (I refuse to call someone that inept a driver). Oh, well, I’m not hurt, just ticked off, and my bike is fine.

  2. Tom,

    I read about your incident on the KYCyclists list this morning. I hope your ride home is smoother.

    Were you riding the “purple people seater”?

    I’m planning on riding tomorrow, no matter what the weather. Today would have been a great day for a ride, but I woke up late, and just didn’t have it in me.

    Do you have more problems on the Indiana or Kentucky side of your commute? I almost never have problems on the Kentucky side, but the only part of my commute in Kentucky, is right downtown.

    I’ve found 10th street in Jeffersonville to be the worst, but I imagine you don’t travel that way.

  3. I was indeed on the “Purple People Seater,” so named by a former girlfriend. My ride home was much better, as it included a stretch of Frankfort Avenue ridden pacing a freight train (east of the crossing by a mile or so).

    Aside from the one crossing, I really don’t have many problems in my commute. There are the few disrespectful motorists, but they are there on both sides of the river.

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