New Bike Toys

My hybrid bike had fenders once before.  However, the rear fender was destroyed due to a mechanical mishap.

I ordered new fenders last week, and they arrived Monday.  Last night, instead of going to bed early, I put the fenders on the bike.

I had planned on riding it in the rain to the grocery store after getting the fenders installed, but it took longer than expected, so I just went to bed.

Today would have been a good day for a partial-commute on this bike.  It wasn’t too cold and the rain was light.  I overslept this morning, and just drove instead.

2 thoughts on “New Bike Toys”

  1. Which do you prefer, the hybrid or the ‘bent? Or is it different bike for different rides? That’s my deal.

    And hey, I’m not under 231 either. I seem to be riding more and eating more to compensate. Tuff stuff.

  2. Tim,

    Both bikes have their advantages. The hybrid fits on my car rack. The ‘bent is much more comfortable on long rides. The hybrid is much easier to just hop on and go for a quick ride. The ‘bent allows me to achieve higher average speeds. I like them both, but have put much more mileage on the ‘bent.

    Back in July, August, and September I was riding more often, and longer distances. I seem to have trouble motivating myself to ride in the cooler temperatures. I did ride a partial commute today, and a full commute on Monday, but nothing in between.

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