Getting Back Into It

It’s been a week since I tracked my calories, I’m back to doing that again.  As of this morning I’m down to 227.2 lbs (same as yesterday).  I’ve lost 69.2 lbs, and have 52.2 left to go.

I rode to work today in mid-30 degree temperatures.  My feet got a bit cold, but the rest of me was plenty warm.  I’m not sure how much I’ll ride this week.  The weather forecast is calling for rain for the rest of the week.  I’m don’t know how prepared I am for cold rain, and I don’t want to risk hypothermia.

3 thoughts on “Getting Back Into It”

  1. With the motorcycle I found heavy wool socks helped my feet stay warm, I took them off once I got to work. I never found a way to keep my hands warn after 15 or 20 miles, the wind chill at 60 mph is considerable…

    I gave up riding in the rain below 40 F, it is just too hard to stay warm and dry.
    My deductable at the doctor is higher than gas for my Rnager.

    Windshield? I think I have seen them on recumbents?

  2. I’m still looking for wool socks. I haven’t found them yet. I did wear two pair of socks… it didn’t help much.

    My hands were pretty warm in fleece-lined leather gloves. They did fine with the 14 mph wind. 🙂

    I’ve ridden in cold rain, and I certainly don’t expect to stay dry, but I need to stay warm. For short trips I can do it, but for the 90 minute commute, I need better raingear.

    A fairing on my recumbent would probably help, but would make it more ungainly indoors. I also have no idea where to buy one. I may start looking into it though.

  3. For wool socks, look in the hunting cloths at Walmart, they are pretty much seasonal, but your lucky, this is the season!

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