Night Ride

I took the hybrid bike out for an errand run tonight.  It was dark, but I had three tail lights, and two headlights.  In-town riding after dark is actually rather fun.

I did get one idiot in a car who seemed to think that I needed to move over (he had a whole other lane to use), and flashed his hi-beams repeatedly to try to communicate that.  I just ignored him.

3 thoughts on “Night Ride”

  1. That, my friend, is why I avoid roads.. it’s what in maritime law they call the “tonnage” right-of-way… idiot or not.. his car will smush the bike.. like rock breaks scissors… stay safe.

  2. My eventual goal is to be car-free. It’ll take a few years, but that’s the goal. So, I will be riding in the road.

    I’m actually not as worried about rude drivers as I am oblivious ones. I’m much more likely to get hit by someone who doesn’t see me than someone who does.

  3. I have commuted by motorcycle for years, two rules I live by:

    1) Assume no one sees you.

    2) Everything else has the right of way, at all times…

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