It started Tuesday afternoon, election day.  Rather than ride my bike all the way home and possibly miss the chance to vote, I called for a ride home.

Once I voted and went home, I rode my bike a short distance to buy beer.  Then I ordered pizza.  My ex-wife and daughter came over and brought ice cream.

We all sat around and watched the election results on TV.  I ate way too much, and drank too much.  I didn’t even track my calories.

Wednesday morning I was feeling dehydrated from drinking.  I didn’t feel up to riding all the way to work, so I threw my bike on my car, and only rode a short distance.  I ate reasonably well, but didn’t track calories.

Wednesday after work, I went shopping for clothes, including some more base layers for cold weather riding.  By the time I got home it was late, and I was up too late, and drank more beer.

This morning, I woke up two hours later than expected.  I made it to work on time (barely), but drove the entire distance.

My daily weigh-in has been above 230 for two days in a row.  I need to focus more.

2 thoughts on “Failure”

  1. Going to be a nice weekend to ride, cooler but clear. Maybe you can make up for an off week.

    This morning was perfect, about 60, and no rain!
    If everyday was like this, I would ride more.

    Maybe I will pick a spot to park and ride more often, this morning was my first day on the bike in over two weeks, and it felt like it…

    My “vote” is stop watch weight daily, go to weekly at most, you are in for the long haul anyway.

  2. You must have made it to work just before the rain.

    I had planned to ride the whole distance into work today, rain or not. I overslept again. I did ride from Jeffersonville though. I stopped raining just as I got on my bike, so I didn’t get rained on, but I did have to deal with wet roads.

    Two weeks without being on a bike? Ouch. I’m not sure I could tolerate that now.

    I’m glad you enjoyed your first commute. I hope it is the first of many.

    As far as this weekend, I’m not sure about a ride yet. My daughter was supposed to come over, but now I’m not sure she’s going to. If not, I’ll go for another ride. 🙂

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