Election Results

I won’t normally talk about politics here, but tonight’s election was different.  Today, election turnout was huge. No matter what side of the political fence people are on, this was an important election.

My personal beliefs are mostly conservative, with a bit of libertarian.  That said, I voted libertarian.  I really didn’t see a good choice.  I’m very much a fiscal conservative, and Obama doesn’t talk to that part of me.

I fully expected Obama to win.  I’m not bitter about it.  It could be a good thing.  I won’t be a democrat, but I will give Obama a chance.

I’m listening to John McCain give his speech right now, and, if anything, I now have more respect for him.

I’ll be turning the TV off before Palin has a chance to speak.

Goodnight all!

4 thoughts on “Election Results”

  1. All I will say is that the election did not go the way I would have liked, but I am not suprised by the outcome.

    Enough about that…

    Looks like I may now have a good reasom to ride part of the way to work! At least for a couple of days. They have one of the roads leading into our industrial park closed for repairs. It has made traffic a nightmare! It took me an extra 30 minutes to get home, and I was a few minutes late this morning.

    So in the morning I plan to take my bike in the pickup and park on the otherside of the contruction and ride the rest of the way, it will not be far, but I will be a bike commuter! For at least one day, they may have things back to normal over the weekend.

  2. You should keep doing it after the construction is finished.

    I started by driving to Jeffersonville, then riding across the Second Street Bridge. Even parking a mere 3.5 miles out, I was saving gas, because that last 3.5 miles was congested, and I got the worst gas mileage there.

    I still don’t ride everyday. I didn’t ride today, but I do it at least a few times a week.

    Oh, and sorry about the political content, I sat up watching the results come in, and drinking. I’m very opinionated, more so when drinking. 🙂

  3. Aww.. Dude.. McCain gave a great speech.. but Obama’s speech.. will be on highlight reels for a long time. Both great men..

  4. Dave,

    I agree both are great men. So is Jimmy Carter 🙂

    Anyway, I didn’t watch Obama’s speech. I went to bed. I should have stayed up for it though.

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