Riding to Work

My ride home yesterday was very nice.  It was dark, but traffic was sane.  My lights work well, and I was easy to see, and I could see the road.

However, once I got out onto the divided highway (riding on the shoulder), I was pulled over by a Jeffersonville city police officer.  He was very polite, and basically wanted to know what kind of lights I run, because cars we merging into the left lane hundreds of yards away to avoid “whatever that blinking thing is” on the shoulder.  The city police department has several bikes, and is looking to upgrade the lighting.

It was fun.  That’s why I have those lights.

This morning, I almost couldn’t get myself out the door.  The hardest part of riding to work, is to get on the damn bike.  I almost called in, and said I’d work from home.  In the end, I hopped on the bike and rode into work.

While crossing the Second Street Bridge, I saw another bicycle commuter on a recumbent going the opposite direction.  We both waved.  I believe I know who he is, but have never met him in person.

4 thoughts on “Riding to Work”

  1. Cool.. maybe you could approach the police and .. for a fee… be their bike consultant.

    Wow.. two recumbents on the same bridge?? What’s the world coming to?

  2. Yep, two of us on one bridge, going in opposite directions. Had we been going the same direction, we could perhaps have exchanged a few friendly words.

    And, in my experience, ‘bents get seen more by motorists.

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