Election Day

I had considered not voting today.  I didn’t go before work.  While at work, I changed my mind.  This way I got to leave work early. 🙂

However, I was pressed for time to get to the polls on time.  I had ridden my bike all the way, and it would be cutting it very close.

I called my ex-wife for a ride, and met her part of the way home.  There was no line to vote in my small Indiana town.  I was done in a few minutes.

Now I’m having a small party here at home with pizza and beer (not great for the weight loss) while watching results come in on TV.

3 thoughts on “Election Day”

  1. yeah.. with all the changes you’ve made.. the odd binge doesn’t feel as good as it used to.. oof.

  2. Unfortunately, the binges have become a little to often recently. Ugh. My weight loss has stalled, but I’m not gaining. It’s two-fold. I’m eating too much, and not riding enough. I find it much harder to get motivated to get on the bike when the weather is cold.

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