Big Breakfast and a Great Ride

I knew I was going to ride into work today, so I ate a bowl of cereal with milk, a glass of orange juice, a banana, and one cup of yogurt.  That comes out to about 645 calories, but I burned almost that riding the 16.5 miles into work.

With daylight saving time here, the morning ride actually occurred with some (gasp) daylight.  It will be dark on the ride home though.

It was a good ride in.  It was warmer than last week.  The skies were clear, and the drivers were mostly sane.  I love arriving at work with the endorphin rush.

2 thoughts on “Big Breakfast and a Great Ride”

  1. Does the “computer” on your bike give you the calorie count you burn?

    Mine has that, I just wondered how accurate you feel it is?

    Was a nice morning, be sure and VOTE!

  2. Yes, the computer has a calorie count. I’m sure it’s totally inaccurate. It only knows how fast I go, and how far I travel. It knows nothing about hills, my weight, bike weight, pedaling cadence, or wind. It’s probably based upon some average, and nothing about me or my bike is average. 🙂

    I really only care about miles traveled and average speed.

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