Cold, Wet Commute

Today is the only day this week that it rained.  I had also promised myself I would ride part of the way to work every day this week.

I stopped at Target last night and bought a few more articles of clothing to prepare for cold, wet riding.

This morning, I decided to do it right, and I rode all the way from home on my unnamed bike (the recumbent).  I didn’t stay dry, but most of me was warm enough.

The ride was a bit slow, I think it took me almost one hour and 45 minutes.  My bicycle computer quit working less than a mile into the ride (it doesn’t like rain).  It was dark, and visibility was bad.  My jacket hood was up over my helmet, which made using my helmet-mounted mirror difficult.  I arrived at work soggy but happy.

My riding clothes are now spread all over my office drying out.  I hope they dry before I leave work this afternoon.

3 thoughts on “Cold, Wet Commute”

  1. Man it was dark this morning with that ran! Glad you made it in one piece!

    Maybe the rain will stop before your return trip.

  2. It looks like the ride home will be rainy too, and only about 10 degrees warmer. At least it won’t be dark.

    I’m pretty visible when it’s dark. My headlight and tail-light are very bright. The main visibility issue I had was me seeing anything. It’s harder to see road debris when it’s raining and dark, and my glasses were covered with rain.

    Sometimes I think I must be slightly mad to ride to work. That’s okay though, slightly mad can be a good thing.

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