Ride More, Eat Less

As I’ve ridden my bike more, I’ve come to rely on that for my weight loss.  I end up eating more, then if I don’t ride, I’m setting myself up for weight gain.

Over the weekend I had a “back to basics” moment where I ate less – a lot less.  Monday, I ate over 1500 calories (which is still down from my normal 1900 or so), and rode the bike.  I’m not done eating for today yet, but it looks to be a 1300-1400 calorie day.  I am hungry, but as long as I eat small amounts often, I don’t feel weak or sick.

Today’s weigh-in was 229 lbs.  I’m finally below 230.  I hope to be below 220 by mid-December.

Also, this week, I won’t be riding my full commute at all.  I really need to move closer to work.  I’ve been driving to Jeffersonville, IN to park (for free), and riding from there.  I still get a workout, but with the shorter distance (and cooler weather) I can ride in my work clothes.  I also rode in a business suit today (with my tie flapping in the breeze), but that’s a story for another day.

4 thoughts on “Ride More, Eat Less”

  1. Even part of the way is good, that is better than I get. I think if I would be saving parking fees, it would give me further reason to ride part of the way. 70 mile round trip is out of the question, I do motor cycle to work much of the year, to save gas.

    I am working on a device that will allow me to lock the bike in the back of my Ranger without scratching the bike all up every time.
    That would allow me to ride to lunch a few days a week. It would also allow me to stop on the way home for a ride, maybe even in New Albany.

    Do you rent or own your house? If you are renting, I think the move would be pretty easy…

  2. Mark,

    I own my home, and I’m going through a divorce. Once the divorce is final (any day now), I’m going to try to sell the house, and move closer to work.

  3. Sorry to hear about the divorce, sounds like you are working through it.

    The move sounds exciting, except for the packing!

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