That Whole ‘Eating Less’ Thing Works!

Most of my weight loss in the last few months has been due to exercise.  When I first started this last year, that wasn’t the case.  I simply cut my food intake dramatically.

I haven’t been exercising much at all for a few days, so I made a conscious effort to eat a lot less.  On Friday my calorie consumption was 1505.  On Saturday I only ate 885 calories.  Today, I’ve eaten 730, but I’m still going to eat something else.

I intend to be back on the bike tomorrow, so I’ll try to eat around 1800 calories or so.

2 thoughts on “That Whole ‘Eating Less’ Thing Works!”

  1. It was pretty cool this morning, did you ride in?

    Will be a nice afternoon, I plan to ride when I get home.

    Hope you are feeling better.

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