This is Hard Work

I rode all the way to work and back yesterday and today.  I’m tired and my legs hurt.

Here are my options for tomorrow:

  • Drive – be lazy
  • Ride in again – hard work!
  • Drive part of the way, then ride

I haven’t decided which to do.  Driving all the way does require me to pay for parking, and that’s not fun.

I really admire those who live car-free.  I may yet do that someday, but not until I live in the city.

2 thoughts on “This is Hard Work”

  1. Drive part of the way and save on parking. I would guess you take second street bridge? Even if you parked by the old Colgate plant, you could still save on parking.

    Paying to park at work just don’t seem right…

    Going to be a lot cooler in the morning.

    Good luck.

  2. I have several different places I park in Jeffersonville. I choose one based on distance I want to ride. The shortest is right underneath the bridge near Rocky’s.

    I do ride across the 2nd Street Bridge… in the road with traffic.

    When I ride the whole way from home, I ride the recumbent. When I ride from Jeffersonville, I ride my hybrid bike (the recumbent doesn’t fit on my car).

    I drove today. I didn’t even ride part of the way, so yes, I had to pay to park.

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