Bicycle Touring

Dave, one of my few readers, mentioned in a comment that I’m all ready for touring.

Well, Dave, that is the plan.  I’ll probably start on several-day rides next year.  I’d like to ride cross-country someday.  I’m not sure about the camping part.  I enjoy camping, but after spinning the pedals for 80 to 100 miles a day, I’d like a comfortable bed rather than a sleeping bag.  I’ll probably stay in motels along the way.

I’d like to do a several hundred mile ride as a nice vacation next year.  I’d like to do that solo.  However, as I get into longer rides, I’d really like a partner.  When I meet the right woman to spend the rest of my life with, she’ll need to ride a bicycle.

5 thoughts on “Bicycle Touring”

  1. Don’t sell yourself short. I read about your progress every day…I bet there are alot of us. We just don’t always comment… Keep up the good work. You inspire us to keep up with our exercise…

  2. You mentioned that you weren’t sure about camping after a long day on the bike, but my experience has been that after a long day on the bike, you don’t really care where you sleep – as long as it’s flat, dry, and warm. I usually hit the ground after a long day of riding and feel more at home that I do in my own bed. It’s strange, but true.

    The best way for you to prepare for camping is to just go on a long day ride at home and then camp out on the floor of your home. Put down a sleeping mat, blankets and a pillow… and see how you do at home. If you hate it and can’t get to sleep after a coupe hours, just jump into bed. It’s a great way to test it out and prepare yourself for the demands of camping while on a bike tour.

    Keep up the good work!

  3. Sherri,
    The readers and commenters on this blog help keep me motivated also.

    That’s a good idea. I could take it one step further, and set up the tent in the back yard. I’ll worry about it when the time comes.

  4. A decent tent – look at Hilleberg, Exped Downmat, JacksRBetter quilt, Norwegian Ajungiliak Pote (pillow) and you’ll be a lot more comfortable than any motel

  5. Hey!! I’m famous.

    I like the idea of a test run.. I may have to get some road tires for my mountain bike and get my family touring.. right now my boy is on a “tag-a-long” bike that is connected to mine.. and we have a “burley” (trailer) hooked to his bike.. a big train.. I have a tandem I got on e-bay for almost free.. maybe I can get my wife on it.. and we can get the whole family on one train..

    hmm.. and then get hit by a car and lose the whole family.. maybe not a good idea.

    I’ve never ridden long road miles.. but I do know tired… and sleep anywhere happens.. but maybe an air mattress and battery-operated pump would make things more comfortable? .. I know.. a lot of weight.. but I’ve never been into shaving all the weight..

    I’ve been backpacking since .. oh.. 1976.. and never yet bought a pillow.. just roll up your sweatshirt/jacket and put it in your stuff sack.. it’s the shoulders and hips that are uncomfortable.

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