126 Miles In Three Days

As I mentioned in my previous post, I rode 60 miles on Sunday.  I was sufficiently motivated to ride to work on Monday and Tuesday after that.  That totaled 126 miles.

I had planned on riding all week, but my legs are very sore.  I drove today, but I will be back on the bike tomorrow.  I won’t be riding this weekend, so I’ll be sure to ride to work both Thursday and Friday.

I bought fenders and new lights for my recumbent.  The lights came in yesterday, I’m expecting the fenders today.

The lights are incredibly bright.  I bought a 600L headlight and 140L taillight from Dinotte.

The fenders will keep the road grime off of me in bad weather, and the lights will make me more visible as my commute occurs in times with less daylight now.

I almost feel bad for not riding today.  The weather has been incredibly good for riding all week.  I hate to waste a day.  My legs really need the rest though.