Traveling and Weight Loss

Obligations at work mean that I’m spending three days out of town this week.  I’m currently in Goshen, New York to work on a project.  My weight loss efforts are a lower priority for the rest of the week.  I got up at 3:30 A.M. today, took a 6:30 flight from Louisville to Newark, and traveled by car to here.

I worked all day today, then went to an Italian restaurant for dinner.  Now I’m back at the hotel, and getting ready to get some sleep.

There is a fitness center here at the hotel, but I packed light, and don’t have clothing to wear while exercising.  I thought about renting a bike, but exhaustion and time are problems.

I gave up tracking my calories for these few days, and don’t have a scale with me.  Oh well, I’ll be home late Friday, and I’ll get back into my routine.

4 thoughts on “Traveling and Weight Loss”

  1. No reason to give up on counting calories. If you eat at common restaurants, you should be able to look online for the calories of what to eat there. You could also see if you could find a grocery store and purchase some food to take back to the hotel room and eat instead. Keep at it – don’t let traveling out of town be a reason to stop doing the diet.


  2. There should be a park to walk around.. and while you’re at it.. see if they have better bike lanes.. I see a cause that needs attention… and you already have media exposure.. …

  3. Breakfast and lunch has been what was provided at the worksite. Dinner has been nice little restaurants (not chains), so calorie tracking is difficult. I do know that I ate in excess of 3000 calories yesterday, and again today.

    I mentioned that I had considered renting a bike. The 11 miles from here to Warwick, New York is along road that has a nearly non-existent shoulder. It’s two-lane highway, hilly and winding. If there would have a decent shoulder, I would have rented the bike.

    In this town (Goshen), and in Warwick, I’ve seen a number of bicyclists (including a police officer). This is a beautiful area, and the weather is great right now. However, the roads aren’t great for bikes. may well go live someday, but not today. Hopefully I have something useful to say when it’s time.

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