I only rode to work two days last week.  On Friday, I took a longer, hillier route home.  Most of the ride was enjoyable.

I did have a bad encounter on the ride home.  Some jackass threw a wooden plank out his car window at me.  It missed, and I noted the last part of the license plate number (couldn’t read the first part), and the make and model of the car.

Several minutes later, I saw the same car approaching from behind.  I stopped my bike in the middle of the lane, and got off the bike.  They stopped some distance away.  When traffic cleared, they gunned it and went around me.  I got a good look at them.  It was two young guys.

I called the police, waited around for the police to show up, and filed a complaint.  I have a feeling they aren’t going to pursue it at all.  They would if it were bricks being dropped from overpasses though.

I think they live near there.  I’m going to drive around down there.  If I find the car, I’ll leave a note on the windshield.  That might make them think twice about doing it again.

6 thoughts on “Idiots”

  1. That makes me mad to hear that. My last dentist had to retire at 45 because of being hit a few years ago from behind by a car. The injuries from the accident caused daily pain that made it hard for him to do his job. He used to tell me how people would throw things at him like bottles and even a skill saw blade.

    Hopefully this will not happen to you again. You have ridden allot without any problems until now.

    I wonder if it would help if you shot a e-mail to the reporter that interviewed you and told them your latest experience?

  2. Yea, your right about not giving anyone any ideas. Now that I think about it, my dentist friend said that all the times something was thrown at him he was biking on rural roads.

  3. Joe,

    It makes me mad also. They probably think it is harmless fun. It’s far from harmless.

    I’m less likely to have something happen on my normal route. I took a different route to avoid some of the traffic. The longer distance and hills mean I won’t be going that way often.

    I’m not sure having a board thrown at me is newsworthy. I also don’t want to give other people ideas, so I’m going to leave that alone.

  4. man.. I’m soooo glad I don’t live near that crap anymore.. My Dad used to get bottles thrown at him when he was jogging in a few states in the South(not a popular sport in the 60s) .. and Northern California had plenty of Red Necks to throw things..

    I say steer clear of letting them know you know about em.. don’t leave the note.. just tell the cops.. and.. keep an eye out.. damn..

  5. and.. yes it’s newsworthy!! Assaults are newsworthy.. especially when it is attempted murder.. how fast were they going when they threw it?… tell the crew that did the “fluff” piece on ya.. maybe they’ll get a scoop piece on a hidden problem.. that leaves a wake of head injuries.. wear your helmet.

  6. Dave,

    I actually think the news crew wanted something to happen while filming. They had me wired (You can here my breathing). They even said they wanted to hear my reaction to any incidents. There weren’t any. The only thing I said in the ride, was me swearing at myself to get up the hill 🙂

    I’d rather not bring attention to the negative aspects of bicycling. If more people are willing to do it, we’ll all be safer.

    As far as finding idiots… I looked. I never found the car. I will keep an eye out, but I won’t be traveling that route on my commute. It’s a little over 20 miles, *really* hilly, and has no gas stations along the way to buy Gatorade or use the restroom.

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