Back On the Bike

Yesterday was my first day back at work.  I intended to ride my bike.  Apparently I prefer sleeping over riding, as I overslept, and had to drive to work.  I felt like a lazy slob all day because of it.

I made up for it today.  I rode into to work this morning, and made good time.  I felt incredibly fast (although my bike computer said I averaged less than 17 MPH).  Some of it was good luck.  I didn’t hit many red lights.  Traffic was light.  The weather was wonderful.

I still have to ride home later.  It may rain.  The temperature will probably be in the 90s.

I hope to ride everyday the rest of the week.

One thought on “Back On the Bike”

  1. You could always store one bike at work.. so you could ride home after sleeping in… though.. then you HAVE to ride to work the next day and put the bike in the car to get home.. but.. hell.. you’re already a celebrity.. so you can be eccentric.. right?

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