Over 1000 Miles

It’s hard to believe it, but I’ve ridden my two bikes a total of 1044 miles since I bought the first one in late April.  When I first got the hybrid bike in April, several miles was a ride.  a dozen miles was downright painful.  Today, I rode about 18 miles, including some killer hills, and I feel great.  The 18 mile ride is a short ride, I have ridden a 50 mile ride.

Of those miles, about 650 was on the recumbent.  The rest was on the hybrid.

I’m still pushing myself to go farther and faster.  I’d like to measure my rides in hundreds of miles.  I’ll need to be in better shape, and have some time off of work for that though.

One thought on “Over 1000 Miles”

  1. Way to go Dave! You are doing great just as I knew you would!
    You always kick ass in things that you set your mind to doing!!
    That is one of your charateristics that I have always admired about you!

    Keep it up!


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