I Guess I’m Staying Under 240

Three days in a row now, my weight has been under 240 lbs.  Tonight’s weight was 238.6.  I only have 63.6 lbs to go.  I’ve already lost 57.8 lbs, so I’m nearing the half-way point (60.7).

I only rode my bike to work two days this week.  I don’t really have any good reasons for that.  I need to buckle down and ride more.  I still rode almost 100 miles this week though, due to other rides I went on.

I’ve been doing some minor weight lifting with dumbbells.  I’ve found that light lifting actually helps my neck/shoulder/back/arm pain I’ve been dealing with for months.  I don’t know if it’s due to strengthening the muscles, or keeping everything flexible, or both.

I’m also moving the progress pictures to their own page, and linking to it on the right.

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