Gotta Work to Make Progress…

I’ve been meaning to do some exercise besides bike riding.  I still haven’t done much.  I also didn’t ride my bike very much this week so far, until today.

I rode to work and back on my recumbent with the clipless pedals today.  The ride in was great, the ride home was windy and slow.

After getting home, I rode my hybrid bike to the grocery store.  There was another guy there with a similar bike buying groceries, but he didn’t have a rear-rack or bags, so he was tying the plastic grocery bags to his handlebars.

My weight tonight was 239.2!  Under 240!  It was just July 27th when I dropped below 250.  I don’t know if I’ll gain a little, and have to wait a little longer to stay under 240 or not.

175 — here I come!

2 thoughts on “Gotta Work to Make Progress…”

  1. great job. keep going. and yes, adding in some cross training might wake up some muscles that aren’t normally in use.

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