I Salvaged the Day

I was pretty bummed that I didn’t ride to work today.  I planned on taking a quick 11-mile ride after work, but first, I wanted to fix the flat on my hybrid bike.

After removing the tire, and inspecting it for debris, I discovered a large tear in the sidewall.  Well, I had a spare tube, but not a tire.

So, instead of an 11 mile quick ride, I went on a 28-mile round trip ride to the bike shop to buy a tire.  It’s also the first real ride on the recumbent since putting on the clipless pedals.  I did great all of the way to the bike shop.  I pulled up out front of the building, stopped, and with a sinking feeling, realized I hadn’t unclipped.  I fell to the right.  I scraped my elbow a little, but nothing serious.  I actually started laughing at my timing.  The whole shop had seen it happen.

I bought a tire, and headed for home.  I’m glad I have good lights, as it got dark before I got home.  I’ve ridden around town at night before, but this was the first time on the highway at night.

In all, it was a good day, and I still got my exercise.  Now I need to make sure I can get myself on the bike in the morning…

5 thoughts on “I Salvaged the Day”

  1. Don’t feel bad. My brother in-law wrecked his new Harley 1 mile from the Harley shop after buying it. He is a tough guy. I have never seen him so embarassed.

  2. That doesn’t sound fun.

    I bought a new car eight years ago. I wrecked it about a week later. It was fixed, and I still drive it now, but I was sick to my stomach after the wreck.

  3. clipless… ok.. steppin out of the hobby zone, eh…

    though, I’m sure I’ll read more about these farther up the line (I’m in catchup mode).. go to a park and learn to unclip in the grass!!

    and.. try not to think about it.. if they are set right.. you should be able to mentally go “oh crap.. put your foot on the ground” and they should unclip and let you put your foot there…. if you think “oh crap.. unclip”.. you end up pulling your foot up .. which wont pull it out.. and you’ll see the slo-motion fall as the pavement rises up to meet you.

    good luck.. and keep in mind that many BMX racers are switching back to “flats” instead of being clipped in.. deciding that the extra power is a trade they don’t wanna make for safety.

    I dunno.. I’m sure the bike shops all say you “need” clipless pedals (er.. clipped in).. but I don’t know.. I also believe walking a bike up a hill is an ok thing to do, too.. so I’m a bit odd… but.. I _have_ written 3 mountain biking guide books..

    I am eager to read more.. so.. off I go.

  4. Dave,

    I’m much more comfortable with the clipless now. I did loosen the tension so they are easier to get in and out of.

    I decided on clipless due to comments on bikeforums.net, and issues with my feet slipping off of the pedals. The bike shop didn’t push them on me.

    On my hybrid bike, I’m still using the cheap plastic platform pedals. I plan on switching those out for BMX style pedals, with the metal studs.

  5. Dave,

    Oh… you’re *that* David Crowell. That’s funny. I knew there were a few of us out there. I found my.. I mean your name listed as an author for several outdoor-lifestyle books (biking and beaches?) I didn’t realize you were the author. Cool.

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